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> Consulting

Every business has a competitive edge. What does your company do better than your competition? Whether you compete on price, quality, location, whatever... Dreamcatcher Media develops a plan that takes what you do best and empasizes it through various marketing channels. We don't ask you to fill out a questionaire. We'll have practical discussions and come up with a marketing strategy that will set you apart from your competition.

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> Social Media Marketing

Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter profiles, it can all seem daunting and intimidating. You may follow hundreds of Twitter profiles, or you may shudder at the thought of marketing via Facebook. Whatever the case, we're here to help.

Latest estimates declare that 1 in 14 people on planet earth now have a Facebook profile. Imagine target marketing via a social network in an efficient, cost reducing manner.

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> Website Design and Management

Dreamcatcher Media can design and manage your website or you can become your own webmaster.

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> Email Marketing

Fact is, Email marketing works. Imagine a product launch or promotion that customers will be informed of instantly. With email marketing you have the ability to launch a campaign and track what is working in appealing to your audience.

Dreamcather Media will not only manage your campaigns, but also give guidance on the concept to keep your customers in touch.

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> Customer Relationship Management

Manage all of your customers from anywhere in the world and customize campaigns for each of your contacts. Strengthen relationships and turn leads into lifelong customers.     Learn More >

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Search Engine Optimization

We're extremely proud of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. We can propel your website in the most common search engines. We even have developed the ability to optimize Facebook Fan Pages and outrank the competition's typical websites.

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Social Media Marketing


Web Design

Email Marketing


Customer Relationship Management

Search Engine Optimization


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